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1:1 45 Min Singles Dating 3 or 6 months coaching sessions

If you’re seeking love, navigating the challenges of dating, or striving for a stronger sense of self-identity, this package is designed to provide guidance. Whether it’s gaining clarity on relationships with friends, family, or colleagues, or improving communication and self-awareness, we’re here to support you.

Please Note: this package is for individuals to sign up through the year. Use the Google link to set your appointments. Please book all your sessions at once if you are able to.


If commonly ask:

1. Why am I still single?
2. I keep running into the same type of person
3. I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for when dating
4. I need help better identifying who I am
5. Why do I find myself with the same social circles?
6.Why do I do repeat the same non beneficial habits?


Things to expect out this course:

In-depth Analysis using your birth-chart as a tool: This package involves a comprehensive analysis of yourself to help you gain awareness of individual strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility factors.

– Communication Strategies: Guidance on effective communication styles based to help identify and inspiringly improve understanding and connection.

– Self Reflection: Understand your purpose of who you are and self-idenity. Identify with negative repeated patterns.

– Conflict Resolution Techniques: Tools and strategies to navigate conflicts and disagreements. How to handle things such as ghosting.  Finding resolutions to these triggering needs.

– Relationship Patterns and Breakthroughs: Exploring recurring patterns in past and present relationships to identify and break negative cycles, creating space for personal growth and healthier connections.

– Duration: 3 or 6 month course.

– Pricing:  $3500 plus tax for 3 months
$4200 plus tax for 6 months
Pay-In-Full save: $150

Please note that all information and coaching provided is intended for educational and informational purposes only. While our coaching aims to support and guide you, any advice or concerns related to medical or mental health issues should be addressed by a licensed professional. By engaging with our coaching services, you understand and acknowledge that our guidance does not replace professional medical or mental health care, and we are not liable for any outcomes resulting from individual application of the information provided.


$ 3,500$ 4,200

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