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1:1 60 Min Serious Dating (More Than 3 or 6 mths.) Next Level Coaching Package:


This package is designed for couples who have been together for three months or more. Their goals are aiming to deepen their understanding of each other and themselves. Through experiences and indepth conversations, couples can enhance mutual understanding, communication, and build a deeper connection on a journey of self-discovery and each other as a couple.

– Compatibility and Communication: Navigate Relationships Understanding Compatibility and Communication.  Find the nuances of communication styles and overall compatibility in relationships. Explore ways to improve communication, show empathy, and understand how to navigate challenges, enhancing overall compatibility in various relationships.

– Maintaining Independence: Balancing the desire to spend time together with maintaining individual interests and independence can be a challenge as the relationship becomes more serious.

– Managing Expectations: As the relationship progresses, each partner may start to develop expectations about the future of the relationship, which may not always align.

Please Note: this package is for individuals to sign up through the year. Use the Google link to set your appointments. Please book all your sessions at once if you are able to.

If commonly ask:

1. Is His/She really the one?
2. I am afraid that I am going to get hurt
3. Are there any unresolved issues or concerns in our relationship that need to be addressed?
4. I need help better identifying who I am
5. Are we ready to take the next step in our relationship, such as moving in together or getting engaged.
6. Are we both on the same page regarding our long-term goals and aspirations?


Duration: 3 or 6 months
Price: 3 months $5200 plus tax
6 months $6000 plus tax



Please note that all information and coaching provided is intended for educational and informational purposes only. While our coaching aims to support and guide you, any advice or concerns related to medical or mental health issues should be addressed by a licensed professional. By engaging with our coaching services, you understand and acknowledge that our guidance does not replace professional medical or mental health care, and we are not liable for any outcomes resulting from individual application of the information provided.


$ 5,200$ 6,000

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